image of Plasmac Omega in factory

Plasmac Omega Reduces Plastic Waste for Emtelle

Plastic Waste has been significantly reduced by a global leader in the supply of blown fibre cable and ducted network solutions with the use of the Plasmac Omega



Emtelle is a worldwide manufacturer of pre-connectorised, blown fibre cable and ducted network solutions. As part of its four point sustainability strategy, Emtelle has a vision to reduce emissions, improve resource sustainability, reduce plastic waste, and be a fair employer and partner.


One of the components they manufacture for their range of solutions is polyethylene Microducta & sheathed Microduct Bundles for fibre optic cables.  In a step to address their desire to reduce plastic waste, Emtelle discussed with UK Extrusion the recycling of scrap tubing & sheathing. They were at that time putting scrap out to a third party for recycling, but could see the benefits of keeping as much of this activity in-house as possible. 


UK Extrusion placed a Plasmac Omega Shredder/Extruder/Pelletiser combination machine on an assessment loan for Emtelle to trial the recycling of plastic waste and assess the results. The Omega was considered a good fit for Emtelle as it is ideal for re-pelletising all forms of their scrap off-line, comprising scrap tubing, sheathing & reels, lumps or bales. It is a highly energy-efficient machine and allowed Emtelle to recycle its in-house plastic waste material, producing near-virgin quality recycled materials that can be introduced back into the extrusion process.


During the evaluation period, UK Extrusion Managing Director Steve Trainor, visited the site frequently to ensure that the machine was performing to the best of its ability and to ensure that Emtelle was utilising all its possibilities. On one such visit, he noticed that the Company had a skip in their yard containing polypropylene reels which were destined for landfill as there was no end use for such material at Emtelle. Steve pointed out that the Omega machine was more than capable of recycling these and by just changing the die on the machine, Emtelle would be able to utilise this material to create a greener, circular process to maximise on resources.


He additionally identified further plastic waste in the form of purged or lump waste from the tubing & sheathing extruders, which he showed could also be recycled by the Omega machine.

In identifying additional opportunities, UK Extrusion enabled Emtelle to make significant impact on reducing its plastic waste output. By re-pelletising what would previously have been considered scrap, Emtelle were able to implement a solution that was useful for business, whilst making a positive step towards reducing their carbon footprint.