Laboratory Extrusion Lines

Laboratory Extrusion Lines for testing your plastic materials. Our small-batch extrusion lines are ideal for product development, small-scale production, and testing of new recipes.

We are the UK distributors of Eur.Ex.Ma laboratory extrusion lines, experts in complete extrusion solutions and systems since 1999. These machines are used in research and development departments of worldwide companies that specialise in the production and processing of thermoplastic materials.

Eur.Ex.Ma technicians have over 30 years of application experience together with engineering, design, and process knowledge. and have developed a range of machines that meet the needs of their customers.

The complete range of Laboratory Extrusion Lines includes:

Cast Film Lines – for the production of samples of film for quality testing a wide variety of polymers with a thickness of 20 – 300 microns

Blown Film Lines – for mono-layer or multilayer tubular film, to perform quality tests on samples for packaging and medical purposes.

Compounding Lines – MicroEx CP and CP Twin are the smallest version of the compounding lines, equipped with MicroEx extruders. These models are very compact and allow the quality control of recycled materials, colour masterbatches, additives and biopolymers with low waste and energy consumption.

The MicroEx CP Twin thanks to a co-rotating twin extruder, achieves the optimal mixing efficiency of the polymers. It can also be equipped with a degassing port and interchangeable elements for the screws.

Filament Lines – the MicroEx 3D and 3D Plus are the smallest versions of 3D filament lines, equipped with a MicroEx single screw extruder. These models can be used to test the characteristics and formulations of different materials before sending them to serial production with low waste and energy consumption.

Melt Spinning  – the MicroEx SP is the benchtop line designed to create small samples of Full-Drawn-Yarn, equipped with a MicroEx single-screw extruder. This line can be used to test characteristics and formulations of different materials with low waste and energy consumption.

Injection Moulding line is designed for testing of colours, polymers, additives and preparing specimens for analytical purposes. The MicroEx MD is the benchtop line designed to produce mould samples. It is meant for quality control of different materials, new and recycled, and for testing various polymers with low waste and energy consumption.

As a bonus for our customers investing in the Eur.Ex.Ma laboratory extrusion lines we can also offer the Syncro EYES web inspection system, which detects all the defects that may form during film extrusion, converting, and nonwoven processes. This system enables you to ensure premium quality and prevent wastage.

image of Syncro EYES web inspection system for film extrusion in plastics

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