Meet the UK Extrusion team at Plast

The UK Extrusion team are delighted to welcome you to Milan PLAST next month. 

We represent Bandera, the Syncro Group and BD Plast in the UK and are excited to be showcasing the following technologies:

Bandera: Hall 15 Booth 121/ 122

Bandera is a global leader in the production of extrusion lines for Blown Film, Rigid Film – Flat Die and Recycling (post-consumer or post-industrial). In parallel with its presence at the fair, Bandera has decided to hold its own dedicated Open House, once again opening the doors of its testing room, the House of Extrusion®, to visitors. You will be able to see the following machines in action:

The Recycling division consists of four machines:

  • Twin FLE Post-industrial polyolefin recycling plant
  • PET BOTTLE-TO-BOTTLE Plant for recycling PET from plastic bottles
  • VOC & ODOR REMOVAL Granule decontamination system
  • Reel FLE Off-line system for post-industrial waste recovery

The Blown Film division consists of plants dedicated to flexible film:

  • Techno FLEX® 5-LAYER + Trim FLEX® TRIM RECOVERY SYSTEM plant dedicated to the production of high-performance multilayer film within-line system for waste/trim recovery
  • BARRIER FLE 5-layer line for barrier applications

The Flat Die division consists of rigid film plants:

  • ALPHAPET® Rigid film extrusion line equipped with special lamination for laminating barrier and non-barrier polyolefin films

The EA Extrusion Academy® division, the company laboratory that carries out industrial-scale R&D activities. During the Open House it will be possible to see some of the projects:

  • MDO Industrial-scale R&D project
  • CONDOR LINE® is a Flat Die line designed to share R&D programmes thanks to the combination of multiple technologies
  • TWIN SCREW BLOWN FILM Blown film line equipped with twin-screw extruder for direct recovery

SYNCRO: Hall 15 Booth 81SYNCRO will surprise you with NEW PRODUCTS specially designed to give you performance out of all standards on the market, including:

  • TYPHOON3 an evolutionary and energy-efficient automatic cooling air ring.
  • MYBATCH3 a world preview of the new batch feeder with improved performance in dosing precision and homogeneous mixing.
  • SYBLEND the gravimetric continuous loss-in-weight dosing unit is designed to dose and blend several components simultaneously.
  • MYBLEND the ideal feeder for all processes where the dosing control and stability must be contained within very tight boundaries, as in the case of textile and pharmaceutical lines.
  • TETRYX the automatic material sorting control unit allows up to 24 pick-up points (silos, day-bins) to be connected to a maximum of 24 hopper loaders in one single station, fully automating the transport of materials from storage to users 
  • Measuring and gauging systems – a wide range of scanners will be on show, providing a solution for multiple applications

PLASMAC: Hall 15 Booth 81 – recycle scrap, reduce cost, reuse the material

  • OMEGA M – a shredder / extruder combination, ideal for repelletising high speed inline trims or for offline use to recycle off-spec reels, lumps, bales, loose material or start-up scrap. It’s compact design, energy saving design make it the ideal solution for your inhouse recycling needs.
  • ALPHA XS – the smallest footprint repelletiser with Short Screw Technology ensuring low shear, low melt temperatures guaranteeing an absolute minimum of material degradation giving you the highest quality recycled pellet.

EUREXMA: Hall 15 Booth 81 – specialists in the production of Laboratory and Pilot lines

BD PLAST: Hall 15 Booth B61 – Manual, Semi and fully automatic screen changers for PCR Materials!

  • CLEANCHANGER 180 – Continuous flow self-cleaning screen changer – equipped with its very own PLC and hydraulic power unit allowing customers to see how the screen changer and its backflush system work.
  • CLEANCHANGER 120 – Continuous flow self-cleaning screen changer
  • BDOx2 200 – Continuous flow hydraulic screen changer – equipped with its HPU to demonstrate how it works
  • BDO FQ 250 – Hydraulic screen changer
  • BDVD 100 – Diverter valve

PLAST is held at the FIERA MILANO Fairgrounds, Rho (Milan) 40 minutes from either Malpensa or Bergamo airports. Full information here:

Do please let us know if you are coming SO WE CAN PUT YOU IN THE DIARY?

Stefano Nestri, our new Sales Director, Dan Clayton, Operations Manager and Steve Trainor, Managing Director look forward to meeting you.