Eurexma K7

Eurexma K7 Pilot Blown Film Line on show at Milan Plast, Sept 5 – 8.

EUREXMA is showcasing the new PILOT BLOWN K7 next week at the Plast exhibition in Milan. Meet the UK Extrusion team there from Sept 5th – 8th.

The PILOT BLOWN K7, produces 7-layer films, useful for developing multi-layer film formulations with polymers with different properties:
·        Barrier towards oxygen, carbon dioxide and odours
·        Lightness
·        Mechanical strength
·        Heat and UV resistance

The PILOT BLOWN K7 consists of 7 XTR 20 extruders with 20 mm ø screws, suitable for processing different types of polymers with different features and viscosity.

The tubular film come out of the 80 mm ø die is cooled thanks to the innovative cooling air ring produced by SYNCRO, as well as the smallest automatic ring available on the market today, the TYPHOON Y00.

In a combined action with SONYSCAN, an innovative ultrasonic scanner provided by SYNCRO, it can guarantee a precise film thickness control with excellent tolerances.

The combined action of all these elements makes it possible to obtain a tubular film of different widths, up to a maximum of 400 mm and different thicknesses, with a range from 20 to 150 microns, meet the increasingly stringent standards imposed in the food and medical industries.

The EYES, a visual quality inspection system produced by ACELABS are high-resolution cameras, scanning 100% of the film, detecting and classifying every type of defect.

SYLINE XXS gravimetric feeders, placed on all the extruders of the line, ensures a precise control of the extruder output.