Solve your trim recycling issues with SUPATRIM  – the universal automatic trim feeder.

It will overcome any problems with processing blown and cast film, including technical films such as – sticky, thin, high static and pre-stretched.

SUPATRIM is installed directly on to the extruder throat and automatically synchronised with the speed of the winder to maintain a constant trim feeding tension.

It is designed to work up to 250m/min and will operate in conjunction with Plasmac Alpha machines from 40kg /hr up to 200 kg/hr. Subject to technical verification, thanks to it’s simple design, it can be installed on existing recycling machines.

Please find further details here: SUPATRIM FOR RECYCLING OF DIFFICULT TRIMS – Welcome to Plasmac – Member of Erema Group & Syncro Group Website (

See the SUPATRIM in action here:

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