Bandera Open House July 8th – 12th

Bandera, a leading name in the world of extrusion technology, is set to showcase the 7 layer BarrierFlex, during an open house event at the House of Extrusion® from July 8th – 12th 2024. This event is a golden opportunity for industry professionals and enthusiasts to witness a state-of-the-art extrusion line designed to meet the evolving needs of the packaging industry.

The BarrierFlex boasts a sophisticated configuration aimed at maximizing efficiency and versatility in film production. Key components include:

  • 4 x7 Gravimetric Dosing System:  Modular system to ensure precise material dosing, contributing to the quality and consistency of the produced films.
  • Extruders of various diameters: 65/75/50/50/50/75/65
  • 7-Layer co-extrusion die head: with a diameter of 350-600 mm, enabling the production of multi-layer films.
  • High-Efficiency Double Flow Cooling Ring: Designed for optimal cooling performance, the double flow cooling ring ensures a quick and uniform extrusion of the film.
  • Flattening and Gusseting Devices: These components contribute to the overall quality and appearance of the film, providing the necessary features for different packaging needs.
  • Downstream 2400mm roll width with two station back to back winder, contact/axial winding modes with automatic reel extraction
  • Complete Tower Frame (height 14m)
  • HMI Line Control – ANY MA®: The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) line control, powered by ANY MA®, offers user-friendly control and monitoring, enhancing operational efficiency.

Applications and material compatibility: tailored for diverse packaging needs

The BarrierFlex is designed to process LDPE, EVA, LLDPE, MLLDPE and blends with MDPE, HDPE, and COPP and EVOH/PA.

Output up to 550kg/hr

Bandera House of Extrusion is located 20 minutes from Milan Malpensa (MXP) airport. Please let us know if you would like to visit and we will arrange for you to meet the team.