heavy duty bag blown film lines

Heavy Duty Bag Blown Film Lines

Bandera’s Heavy Duty Bag Blown Film lines (HDB), are benefiting from a technical upgrade. The triple flow cooling ring has been further developed to combine the innovative design of the extrusion heads and an integrated thickness control, which allows a significant increase in output. Additionally, it provides a considerable improvement in both the physical and mechanical properties of the film.


Bandera report that their lines for the manufacture of Heavy Duty Bags are becoming more and more popular. The company are aware that the Heavy Duty Bag sector consistently works towards reducing the thickness of the film, whilst maintaining quality and increasing output.



To satisfy these requirements, Bandera has a strategy of improvement for the components of the HDB lines. To take advantage of greater flexibility and optimized mechanical features, they will switch from a standard 3-layer to a 5-layer configuration. Bandera are confident that this will ensure a very high standard.



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