co-extrusion film lines

Co-Extrusion Blown Film Line at Open House

Bandera House of Extrusion will be presenting a working 5-layer co-extrusion line dedicated to polyolefines at their Open House Event in Italy,  28th November – 1st December 2017.


Among the applications for which this line is suited are lamination film, printing film, shrink film, and industrial stretch film.


Suitable materials include LDPE, EVA, LLDPE, mLLDPE and blends with MDPE, HDPE and coPP.


Bandera’s TechnoFlex® lines represent the most consolidated technology for the production of advanced multipurpose packaging solutions.


The standard configuration comprises a central high capacity extruder, with two smaller ones for the outer layers.


TechnoFlex® Lines are fully accessorised to ensure the production of top quality high-tech film. A top of the range winder, allows 3 winding methods – contact, axial and gap.


In particular, the 5-layer configuration to be demonstrated at the Open House Event, is perfect for processors looking for high production flexibility to process PE film.



For further details of the line configuration and information on how you might attend this thoroughly worthwhile event please contact us.