rigid film extrusion lines

Bandera Present 5 Rigid Film Extrusion Lines in 2018

From January to April 2018 Bandera will be presenting not one, but five rigid film extrusion lines dedicated to the thermoforming and form-fill-seal sectors at their House of Extrusion facility in Italy.



Visitors will be able to see these lines, which have been engineered for major European and Asian customers, in full operational mode.  The Alpha PPTM, Alpha VelPet ® and AlphaPet ® lines, will be available to any potential buyers who wish to run tests to establish their specific process requirements and experience the distinctive features and high quality performance of the Bandera Rigid Film Extrusion Lines.



Bandera have used intensive research and development in order to meet the highest standards required by increasingly sophisticated application technologies such as TDO label film, furniture lamination, credit card and packaging industries. Their PET processing technology is available in a wide thickness range (0.12 to 2.20 mm) and output range (700 to 2600 kg/h).



If you would like to discover more about the rigid film extrusion lines available from Bandera and how they could benefit your operation, why not talk to us about arranging a visit for this truly exceptional Open House Event.