Image of Bandera co extrusion line

Bandera Hosts Live Streamed Open House

Bandera will host a Live Streamed Open House from their House of Extrusion facility near Milan on May 12th & 13th 2020


Participants will have the opportunity to see a Bandera complete 5-layer co-extrusion blown film line for HDB (Heavy Duty Bags) and FFS (Form, Fill, Seal) applications.


The HDB Flex lines offer excellent results for features required by processors such as weldability, processability and printability. As processors require minimised film thickness the company has taken on this challenge to meet its customer’s requirements.


In collaboration with Borouge, a manufacturer of polyolefins and Frilvam Masterbatches, Bandera will be showcasing the latest innovations. Bandera are worldwide specialists in the design and manufacture of Blown Film Lines and a globally recognised brand in the plastics industry. This will, therefore, be an excellent opportunity to view one of their technologically impressive lines in comfort.


If you would like to discover more about our Blown Film Lines visit our dedicated page to download some basic information.


The event will be available for three sessions over the two days enabling participants to take part whatever their schedule.

Click here to register for your choice of day and time.