Multi-Layer Rigid Film Lines – Technologies for the Circular Economy

Multi-layer rigid film lines operating at the Bandera House of Extrusion until December 17th 2019. These lines are designed to enhance the use of recycled/bio compostable materials within the circular economy.


  • PET/PLA Multi-layer Rigid Film Line (with organic barrier material) up to 5 layers
  • PET/Foam PET/PP Multi-layer Rigid Film Line (with high mineral filler percentages) up to 5 layers
  • Condor Line PET/PP/PLA/PS/Foam Technology Multi-layer Rigid Film Line (with inline extrusion coating unit) up to 11 layers
  • PO/EVA Waterproof geomembrane 2-layer Flat Die Line

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Multi-Layer Rigid Film Lines for the circular economy